Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Why Geofrey Has to be nice to the MOTHER

Well if you follow Geofrey on Facebook, you will have noticed that he said some one had started a blogspot for him, well I had but could not remember how to get in there.  But I remembered and here is the third blog from Geof, only it is from Geof's mother and he stated he would tell on me.  Let me share something with you Geof, much more dangerous if mummy tells on you!

Call me and I will tell you how to get into this blogspot so you can do the updating from now on!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nearly Finished One, Started on the Next

Well Geof, I suppose I should give you the sign in information for this account if we expect to get blogs from you. Meanwhile I will do an update on what is happening in your life.

Habil & Qabil is nearing the end of the shoot and Geof has started on another project, Tertawan which is a great action production.

Action is where Geof's heart is, all that practising with nunchucks, which is the ancient tradition of nun chucking which is getting more difficult as the world runs out of nuns and women have more rights and complain about being chucked around. Or is it spelt numb chucking which is where you hit yourself so hard with those sticks where ever you hit becomes numb and you chuck them away? You can tell who ever is writing this has no idea about martial arts and has had too much coffee and / or sugar.

Well Geof went out last night and got a new phone, Nokia is the brand of choice and it even has GPS which having spent an hour driving around looking for a location site is a great investment. Why is it that Malaysians have so much difficulty in letting you know how to get some where?

There was a phone fair at a new local mall just down the road from where Geof lives so we started off there looking for phones. It turned out that most of them were copies and expensive ones at that. Really not impressed with what was on offer, Geof decided to return to his favourite phone dispenser in Ampang Point and got the phone of his choice with no problems at all, so now he can be assured that not only can he make phone calls, he can get to jobs without the frustration of driving around in circles for an hour, take great photos, go on line, washing the car (only joking) and do whatever else people with complicated phones do with phones. Which now includes going on line, facebooking, You Tubing etc.

Now you know that I was only joking about the nunchucks before but if you want to see some fancy nunchuck work you should see Bruce Lee on You Tube playing ping pong with nunchucks

So Geof, hope you will have time to update us yourself now you have the equipment, i.e. new nokia phone which can help you become a tech savvy and totally contactable person.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Geofrey's First Blog

Well it is short and Geof can ad to it himself = lol